Friday, August 12, 2011

Camille "photo shoot"

Can't believe Camille is already 4 months old! We are loving every minute with her and these smiles are no fluke...she is about the happiest, easy going baby you can get!

4th of July

Richards Family
Malia and Daddy doing tricks in the pool
Malia and "Krina" (Little Christina) having a snack outdoors

Camille was dressed up for the occasion too!

Friday, August 5, 2011

San Diego Fun

We spent our summer close to home this year. We had a lot of fun doing things around town. Here are a few of our "outings."
Another beautiful day in San Diego at Seaport Village

Fountain fun

A weekend at Sundance Meadows Ranch

Camille had lots of fun too!
Feeding the horses apples
Malia's first horseback ride

"Fishing" with Papa
Spending time at the Sea Life Aquarium

A day at the Wild Animal Park

Feeding the lorikeets
Malia was popular with the goats
Up close and personal with a lion
Camille's first trip to the San Diego Fair
It wouldn't be a fair trip without ice cream with Papa
Daddy and Malia went on lots of rides!
Malia's first solo and dad were more nervous than she was!

Nothing like a fair hot dog for lunch
Riding a horse with Nana
Spending time at Seaport Village
Dancing with Daddy by the water
Having fun with her cousins, Hollie, Nickalas, and Natalie
Riding the carousel...Malia preferred to sit.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sea World

First stop...rides with Daddy!
Mommy and Malia inside Turtle Reef
Wow! Look at all the turtles!

Malia's hurried "cheese" face. (Not another picture Daddy!)
Mommy, Camille, and Malia about to enter the Wild Arctic
Malia touching a "joey" (baby kangaroo)...who would have thought at Sea World?
Malia touching her first llama
"There he is!"
Shamu is big!