Monday, March 23, 2009

Malia in Phoenix

Last weekend Malia took her first road trip to Phoenix. She met my Uncle Jim, her Uncle Andy, and watched the Indians play in her first professional baseball game.

Driving home through a sand storm in El Centro.

Malia in her Indians gear.

Amber and Malia after the game.

Malia hanging out with Uncle Jim

Go Tribe!

Malia playing with Uncle Andy.

What are you staring at?

Me and Uncle Jim at Goodyear Ballpark; spring training home of the Cleveland Indians.

The Richards family at Goodyear Ballpark

Amber, Malia, and Uncle Andy

Amber and Malia watching baseball

Uncle Jim looking stylish in his big white floppy hat.

Malia's had enough baseball and wants to take a nap.

Happy Birthday old man!

Goodyear Ballpark

Watching my first baseball game.

Malia and I in our Tribe gear.

Where is Amber's Indians shirt?

Malia, Gabby, and Connor

Last weekend Malia got together with Connor and Gabby for a little playtime.

Trish playing with Malia while being careful to not put down her glass of wine.

Connor and Malia with Bernardo

Malia and Connor

Malia, Connor, and Gabby

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malia's Second Month

Dressed in purple velour

Check out my Ugg boots.

Sleeping on daddy

Play time

Sucking on my Soothie

Sleeping again

The whole family sleeping on Amber

I found my thumb!

Bath time

Baseball season is finally here!

Go Tribe!

Hats for bats. Keep bats warm. Gracias!

Willie Mays Hayes. How ya doin'? How ya doin'? My man!

I love grappa. It keeps me warm at night.

Sleeping comfortably

Sucking my thumb

Do I look like Daddy?

Dressed in Yellow

Malia with Aunt Barb

Everyone lying on Amber

Bath time

Malia and Papa