Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Malia in Maui

In a plane for the first time on my way to Maui!

I'm finally here!

Playing with my cousin Natalie.

Sitting on the balcony in our condo in Kihei.

Watching the ocean from Kalama Park.

Our first sunset at Kalama Park.

My very first Hawaiian shaved ice.

This is yummy!

More please.

Playing with my toys.

Swimming with Daddy.

Laughing with Nana.

Check out my ocean view!

At the playground with Mommy.

More shaved ice!!!

That tastes wierd.

Having a nice plate lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate.

Laughing at the beach with Mommy.

Back at Kalama Park.

Do you want to go swimming with me?

Playing with Papa.

Lounging at the beach.

In the Pacific Ocean with Daddy.

What a nice place to have lunch.

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